What’s Preventing You from Winning Government Contracts?

The goal of every government contractor is to win contracts. However, we all have varying degrees of success when it comes to contract awards. Often times what separates BIG companies from small businesses is the access BIG companies have to tools and resources that allow them to better navigate the complexities of the government market. These tools and resources can be very expensive and for companies on a tight budget, it’s just not feasible. Take DCAA compliance, to implement DCAA compliant accounting software, an investment of over $50,000 may be required. In today’s market, a robust bid tracking and CRM tool can cost around $24,000 per year. How many small businesses do you know that can afford this?


You as a small business owner may want and need access to these tools but with the high costs, they may be out of reach. You then end up settling for a cheaper entry-level software that does not do much at all. There is no integration of your bid management, capture management, proposal management or your compliance management processes. There is no AI built-in to make recommendations on potential teaming partners and contract opportunities that may fit your company’s profile and no machine learning to automate your searches. If only you were a genie, you could build out a platform to make it easier for you.



If you could build your own software to help win more government contracts…

  • What would it look like?
  • What tools would be nice to have?
  • Do you need a Bid Tracking tool?
  • Do you want a CRM that integrates with the Bid Tracking tool?
  • Would you like a Teaming Portal to connect with potential teaming partners?
  • Would you like to manage your capture management process on one portal?
  • Would you like a tool to manage your proposal templates and proposal process
  • Would you like an integrated accounting system that is DCAA compliant?
  • What features do you need for contract management?
  • How much do you think is a reasonable cost on a monthly basis?

GovGenie™ is in the early stages of building an affordable solution to make it easier for government contractors to succeed in the government market. It will be a full life-cycle government contracting platform. First, we are developing a bid matching and SmartCRM platform to make it easier for you to source contracting opportunities. After that, we’ll build out a social community to help you find teaming partners. We’ve got a road map to integrate many more solutions… Let us know what you want us to build next.



The founding team members of GovGenie™ are all government contractors. We have been in the trenches and we are also frustrated with the expensive software and the lack of integration between all the tools currently on the market. As government contractors, we decided to build GovGenie™ just for us to use but then we thought…we are not the only contractors that have these challenges so why not reach out to other government contractors to see what you have on your wish list.



To ensure that we build the best software for this industry, we need your help. We are looking for beta-users. As a beta user, you will have the opportunity to provide input on the challenges you face with winning government contracts and share with the GovGenie™ team what you need to overcome these challenges.

If you had your wish, what functions and features would you want GovGenie™ to have to make it easier for you to win government contracts? The best part of being a beta user is…the GovGenie™ software development team is here to grant your wish.

Here are some of the benefits you get for being an early beta user?

  • Access to potentially the most powerful AI bid sourcing software
  • Early access to the social teaming portal
  • Early access to the SmartCRM
  • Sneak peek into unreleased features
  • Full access to the GovGenie™ Secret Facebook Group
  • Tell us what you want, we’ll do our best to include it in the buildout
  • Founding Member status of the platform
  • Free usage of the GovGenie™ platform until launch
  • Special Founding Member discounted price to GovGenie™ after launch
  • Plus more…


BECOME A BETA USER (Limited Slots Available)

There is a limited number of open slots for GovGenie™ beta users. You must first sign up and we will notify you when the next group of beta users is being accepted. Sign up here: Secret GovGenie™ Facebook Group



If you want access as a beta user but can’t get in right now, we invite you to join the conversation in our Secret GovGenie™ Facebook Group. Let us know what you need and what we should consider building out. As soon as we’re ready for more beta users, we’ll let you know in the Secret Group.


Government contracting is complex, the software we use doesn’t have to be.

To learn more, go to Secret GovGenie™ Facebook Group